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Since the implementation of the new Building Act 2011 changes have been made with regard the building application process. A certified application takes a maximum of 10 days whereas an uncertified application can take up to 25 days. For all applications whether a building permit application, occupancy permit, occupancy permit strata, building approval certificate or building approval certificate strata you will need to download the forms off the Building Commission website.

Certificates Explained

The following documents are to be provided as part of the Building Approval process. A brief explaanation should outline the route most suited to you:

Certificate of Design Compliance

Is required to be submitted as part of the Building Permit process. Once all supporting docments have been provided to the Building Surveyor then a CDC (Certificate of Design Compliance) is generated.

Certificates of Building Compliance

Has many purposes which include the following: for unauthorised works in a commercial or residential development and also during the strata process to obtain strata titles from Landgate.

Certificates of Construction Compliance

Is required to certify that a building is fit for occupancy and are required for all Class 2-9 (Commercial Properties).

Energy Assessments

All new developments for residential and commercial are obligated to comply with the Nathers 6 star rating scheme. This part of the Building Permit process can be taken care of by Russell Building Approvals.

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