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Who needs a BAL Assessment?

If your are constructing your house in a Bushfire Prone Area, it will need a BAL Assessment WA. This is to determines a house’s proximity to bushfire areas and the appropriate threat that is imposed with a BAL Rating.  It will allow you to design accordingly so that you can minimise that threat.

In general, you can take a look and find your property on the Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas by visiting the DFES website. If you are within a bushfire prone area according to this map then you will likely need to have a bushfire attack level (BAL) assessment.

BAL Assessment Changes, Am I Affected?

BAL Assessment WA has recently had a significant new regulation updates. As of the 20 of May 2016 all proposed residential development (Class 1, 2 or 3 or associated Class 10) which takes place on a lot which is wholly or partially in a designated bushfire prone area must obtain a BAL Rating through an assessment carried out on the property to ensure that it is built to the appropriate construction requirements in accordance with AS 3959: Building in Bushfire Prone Areas.

Who Can Prepare A BAL Assessment?

Make sure that you use an accredited Level 1 BAL Assessor or an accredited Bushfire Planning Practitioner to undertake a BAL assessment WA, or an accredited Bushfire Planning Practitioner to prepare a BAL Contour Map.

The great news is that we have our Bushfire Assessment (Level 1 Simplified Method) qualification.  Call us today and get your BAL Rating sorted!

Site Assessment

An inspection of the property will be required to take measurements, note topography, classify vegetation and hazard level to the house. Your presence is usually not essential unless circumstances require it.  This can take between 30-60 minutes.

Process Turnaround

Using the relevant data captured during the site inspection, we will create and submit your report.  From that the BAL Certificate is issued for your property and you will receive a BAL Rating.  Our turnaround for the certificate is roughly 24-48 hours.


Our BAL Assessment is $550

A discount can be applied if grouped together with other assessment work.
What is - "Australian Standard AS 3959"?

The Australian Standard approach, AS 3959 divides bushfire prone areas into six bushfire attack levels (BAL). This is determined by the severity of the building’s likely exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact:

  • BAL Rating – LOW – very low risk
  • BAL Rating – 12.5 – low risk
  • BAL Rating – 19 -moderate risk
  • BAL Rating – 29 -high risk
  • BAL Rating – 40 -very high risk
  • BAL-FZ -extreme risk (Flame Zone)

AS 3959 covers the methodology for determining the BAL for an allotment and goes on to provide the construction requirements for each level of BAL, including for floors, roofs, external walls and windows, verandahs and carports.

By complying with the construction requirements for the respective BAL classification, a new home will meet the requirements of the NCC.

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